Health comprehensive service leading enterprise

Ecmoho was founded in 2011 and headquartered in Shanghai. As a comprehensive health service provider of health and wellness market, it focuses on providing brands with smart retail, global marketing, customer service, technical warehousing and fulfillment, etc. In 2014,the company became first-tier player in China's cross-border healthcare e-commerce business, providing one-stop cross-border services for many international brands.The company was listed on NASDAQ in 2019.

The Company acts as the bridge between brand owners and Chinese consumers. Through over ten years of dedicated operation, the company helped brand partners to achieve high growth and provided more innovative and personalized products and solutions to consumers.

Advantages and services

Focus on health industry

Ecmoho has been deeply engaged in the health industry for more than ten years and has cooperated with more than 200 global domestic and overseas health product brands. Through integrated retail service, omni-channel operating and global marketing, it empowers brands to achieve high growth.

Customer and big data services

The company has accumulated more than ten million paying consumers through the CRM system self-developed driven by data. Based on consumer insight and data analysis, the company has created a sophisticated marketing solution for the brand through user labeling, data mining, precision marketing and other services, the customer repurchase rate is higher than the average.

Content production and global marketing capabilities

The company cooperates with more than 1000 health experts and KOLs to provide a seamless and Omni-close-loop digital marketing solution for customers through technology and innovative content. At the same time, it will develop new channel businesses based on live-streaming such as interest e-commerce, including Douyin, Kuaishou, and store live-streaming to help brands create new growth opportunities.

Professional operation team

The team has more than 10 years of retail experience in the health industry and omni-channel customer service experience which helping various of the Fortune’s Global 500 customers achieve business breakthroughs.

Technology and innovation

SaaS service technology architecture is based on industrial Internet that help customers tap the potential value of data and provide data support through business middle office system, big data acquisition and application, self-developed BI system, so as to provide one-stop digital solutions for enterprises.

Technology logistics empowerment

The storage network covers Shanghai, Anhui, Hangzhou, Hong Kong, the western United States, the eastern United States, South Korea and other regions with a storage area of more than 50,000 square meters. The multi warehouses protect domestic and cross-border e-commerce businesses.

Cooperation brands

Ecmoho has cooperated with more than 200 well-known health brands at domestic and overseas,

covering 7 categories: Health diet, maternal and infant health, healthy food, medical instruments, skin health, household care and smart appliances.

The above shows include the past and current cooperation brands