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——China's leading non-medical health and wellness integrated solution provider

ECMOHO was established in 2011 and headquartered in Shanghai with branches in Hong
Kong, Japan and Korea. As an integrated solution provider, we focus on providing omni-
channel retail services, global marketing,customer service and globalwarehousing supply
chain services. In 2014, the company has established cross-border warehouses and started
cross-border business. ECMOHO is a leading non-medical health and wellness company and
has succeeded in listing on Nasdaq in 2019.

As a bridge between brand partners and consumers, we have realized the high growth of
our business in China over 10-years accumulation of health industry and retail management experience for advanced brand and provided consumers with personalized health products
and health solutions.


7 years experience in health industry

We focus on the health industry. After over 9- years of industry accumulation, the company has accumulated a high repurchase of consumer database, professional health content and service experience, deep experience in supply chain, efficient operational experience by technological innovation and a founding team with more than 15 years of experience in industry brand retail and operations. With years of experience in the industry, the company has successfully helped domestic and foreign brands to achieve high growth in China, providing high-quality health product and knowledge empowerment to small and medium-sized channel providers and bringing quality health products and health solutions to consumers.

Advanced International Vision

We have set up branches in Hong Kong,
Japan and South Korea. The global supply
chain system covers the US, Europe,
Japan, Australia and South Korea. We are
a trusted partner to owners of over 70
leading health and wellness brands,
including Gerber, Puritan’s Pride, Wyeth
and Perrier. For some of our brand partners, we act as the exclusive online channel distributor in China. We strategically select brands with global recognition or a leading position in their respective industry to address consumer demand.

Omni-channel new retail

As a leading non-medical health and wellness integrated solution provider,we have built comprehensive online channel coverage that comprises major e-commerce platforms, social e-commerce platforms,vertical e-commerce platforms,and other online retailers. Through the comprehensive channel development to help the brand to achieve the most broad consumer coverage.

Strong ability to generate and distribute
health and wellness content

Trustworthy health and wellness content,
which allows consumers to discern which
products are desirable, reliable or
suitable, may not always be easily
available or accessible in China, a problem
that is more acute in lower-tier cities. To
address this problem, we partner with
over 1100 healthcare experts and KOLs to generate and review health and wellness content, combined with product recommendations, and distribute such content to consumers through multiple online and offline channels. After consumers make purchases with us, we follow up with tailored content based on their historical purchases and projected health and wellness needs.

Technology and innovation

We use the leading ECRP system to deeply mine and analyze data for paying consumer and support the company's research on market trends and consumer behavior preferences. We can achieve precise marketing, provide deep market analysis and diverse marketing campaigns.In the end, it will promote the establishment of a high repurchase and highly viscous consumer group. In the future, the company will continue to increase its strategic investment in the technical fields of retail systems, data collection and analysis ,intelligent warehousing and use technology to improve operational efficiency and empower brands to grow higher and faster.



Strong relationships with leading health and wellness brand owners from around the world.

Over 70% of the cooperative brands are international brands. The products we source cover a wide range of categories, including health supplements
and food, mother and child care products, personal care products.

Health Supplements and Food

Mother and Child Care Products

Personal Care Products

Household healthcare equipment