Retail services

Ecmoho all retail channels system should be established in order to continue to expand the breadth and depth of channel through online and offline, domestic + cross-border full channel full access to the services will include the brand in China of strategic planning, store and channel operations management, content production, consumer life cycle health management, policies and regulations support and so on, all-round one-stop service, The full power brand has achieved rapid business growth in China. At the same time, the company is also actively expanding offline business, focusing on China's third - and fourth-tier cities have not been satisfied with the big health consumer demand.

Service content

Strategic planning

  • Industry analysis
  • Market insight
  • China business planning
  • Overall operation planning

Omni-channel empowerment

  • Store operation
  • Domestic and cross-border distribution
  • business
  • Online and offline full access
  • New social channels of interest in
  • e-commerce

Refined operation management

  • Product sales strategy
  • Refined operation strategy
  • Precision advertising marketing strategy
  • Integrated data analysis

Professional content production

  • Content production team
  • Cooperation with health experts
  • Output of health information
  • Consumer education

User lifecycle management

  • Pre sales + after sales service
  • Consumer insight data
  • Develop health management plan
  • Regular customer care and return visit

Policy and regulatory support

  • Industry regulation output
  • Product policy training
  • Advertising audit training
  • One stop support for cross-border
  • customs clearance

Core advantages

Ability to expand rapidly through omni-channels

Flagship stores, mainstream platforms, distributors, o2o, social e-commerce, etc. full network and omni-channel coverage.

Professional operation team in health field

Cross border big trade double five-star service providers, omni-channel customer service experience and accumulated cooperation with more than 200 brands.

Service Case

Carry out strategic cooperation with
many brands of Nestle from strategy to tactics.

Project background

The parallel distribution market is chaotic, the expansion of
new channels and new channels, the strategic cooperation
needs of cross-border business.


We work with our customers to sort out the decathlon growth
paths such as strategic growth model, organizational change,
brand strategy, supply chain and R & D, market flow strategy,
channel strategy, SaaS & digitization and explore the driving
force of business growth.

Project results

Cooperation with many brands under Nestle, including Perrier,
S. Pellegrino, Wyeth milk powder, Gerber, uncle Tobys and so on;
has helped brands consolidate their market position;
achieve high growth in different dimensions. Many brands have
achieved category leadership in core channels such as Tmall global
and JD.