Marketing services

The company's marketing service content team has more than 100 people, including strategy, data, marketing, content four core modules. Brand owners are fully empowered by building a data-driven precision marketing system, a high-value marketing system with traffic as the target, an integrated marketing strategy with high ROI as the orientation and the integration of quality and effect, and a technology and content supported creative content all-domain output system.

Service content

Brand marketing strategy

  • Marketing strategy formulation
  • Advertising material production
  • Station advertising inside and outside
  • Effect tracking control

New media operation strategy

  • New media platform strategy provision
  • New media platform operation
  • Content output
  • Creation and cooperation of new KOL
  • and KOC

Interest in e-commerce new media marketing

  • Brand in tiktok / Kwai service
  • Tiktok / Kwai and other account
  • management strategies
  • Tiktok / Kwai live-streaming operation
  • Tiktok and Kwai shop operation

Integrated marketing strategy

  • Planning of large-scale e-commerce
  • activities Implementation of activities
  • Activity poster and short video production
  • Experts inside and outside the station buy
  • and grow grass

Creative content marketing

  • Content marketing strategy formulation
  • Short video creativity and shooting
  • Creative packaging design planning
  • Content grass planting planning and
  • Implementation

Star economy

  • Star endorsement selection
  • Endorsement signing
  • Artist planning
  • Star cooperation scheme design

Core advantages

Focus on the health field and help brand growth

10 years + e-commerce marketing experience, professional creative team; deeply rooted in health fields such as health diet, maternal and infant

Integration of quality process and
quality efficiency,control channel delivery

Brand e-commerce positioning, product positioning and user strategy output; establish a marketing closed loop based on the full link data; the data can be tracked, the delivery can be transformed and the results can be controlled.

Self-developed BI system,
more than 5 years of industry data accumulation

Regularly publish industry reports every year, with leading market data in the health industry.

Official certification of the platform,
high-quality delivery service provider

From Ali's mother to Jing zhuntong, gold medal service providers of major e-commerce platforms have established a new flow matrix through strategic cooperation from traditional social media platforms to new flow platforms.

Service cases

GNC X William Chan

Project background

Improve brand tonality through star spokesperson, and at the

same time, promote product sales by utilizing star fans' econ


Make use of JD small black box to launch new products and
build JD GNC brand day.

Project results

Weibo topics are tens of millions + and the discussions
are more than 300,000+Top 1 of JD Health
products list on the first day of official announcement.

Vitamin world X 3.8 Queen's Day

Project background

New brand awareness is low, high-end positioning and high
customer unit price. It is necessary to improve brand awaren
ess and increase the consumer base.


Focus on Amazon berries, shape popular products and drive
the sales of other products with the help of popular products;
Overseas ins publicity, domestic precision digital marketing of
grass planting attract attention, double micro KOL and red bo
ok deepen cognition that the Education station undertakes to
promote the transformation of grass planting.

Project results

Industry flow ranks TOP2, 98 million brand exposure, the
monthly sales increased by 500%
the sales of star popular Amazon berries increased by 60%+.