Service content

Enterprise strategic
digital consultation

  • Whole network planning
  • Omni-channel marketing
  • Media planning
  • Membership system

New digital
retail solution

  • SaaS business system
  • All-link integrated management
  • Front and back office planning
  • All-channel interconnection

application solution

  • Unified account
  • Unified authority
  • Unified login
  • Unified control

Enterprise digital
transformation scheme

  • Link data from different
  • resources
  • Debris data collection and
  • cleaning
  • Custom data visualization
  • Critical link risk early warning

Core advantage

Easy to start

Self-developed SaaS service deployment,use right after purchase.

Easy to use

Different products are inclined to users from the perspective of user, which improves the use experience and operation efficiency.

Easy integration

Integrate different data resources, assist in the establishment of data intermediate stations, establish connection pipelines with third-party systems, reduce the difficulty of product implementation and make full use of data in the face of complex information systems.

Easy decision-making

Provide personalized, visual business data report, infiltrate into every link of strategy, planning, implementation and monitoring, and timely feedback and adjustment.