To protect the legitimate rights and profits of ECMOHO and its partners, we will take action against any violation of the laws and regulations or improper behaviors in commercial activities in order to create a ethical, healthy culture. If you notice any such issues in relation to ECMOHO employees including:

  • (1)Improper solicitation and corruption;
  • (2)llegal use of company assets, embezzlement, misappropriation, theft;
  • (3)Abuse of power for personal gain;
  • (4)Disclose and replicate confidential information;
  • (5)The other illegitimate behavior of damage to company's commercial interests.
Please don't hesitate to let us know through the following channels:

A:Phone: +86 130-2016-0816


C:Address: Level 5, Building 3, D1 international creative space, Tianyaoqiao Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai.

These channels are designated only for lodging complaints in relation to suspected violations of laws and regulations or im-proper behaviors of ECMOHO employees in commercial activities. Please do choose the right channel so that your com-plaints will be followed up.

You can choose the above whistleblowing channels. We encourage real-name reporting. We promise to keep the personal information and the content of real-name reporting strictly confidential,  and provide timely feedback on the investigation results.The informer should explain the basic process of the matter as far as possible, the name, address and specific party of the object of the report,  and provide evidence of the infringement of interests or other relevant information.

We have strict management systems and procedures and strictly keep confidential the personal information of the infor-mants (including individuals, suppliers and other partners) and all report materials provided by the informants.

The whistleblower shall abide by national laws and regulations, and shall not harm the legitimate interests of others. The report shall be objective and fair, and shall not fabricate, distort facts or frame others. Otherwise, ECMOHO reserves the rights to pursue any relevant legal actions against the whistleblowers.

ECMOHO will take the strictest action against those have conducted the retaliation.