Company Culture

Company Vision

Make health easier through specialty
and technology

As the promoter of health concept, relying on the power of science and technology, we provide professional and convenient health services and products for people.

Company Mission

Make people healthier and make
the world better

Achieve the triple harvest of employees' wealth, dreams and personal values.

Company Values

Altruism and win-win

Co-growth and active sharing

Solidarity, mutual benefit and mutual assistance

Be honest and inclusive

Goal orientation

tage recovery, precipitation method

Seeking truth from facts and exploring the essence

Pursuit of efficiency, data thinking

Challenge innovation

Believe in yourself and dare to challenge

Break the stereotype and find a better solution

Embrace change and be positive and optimistic

Company talent concept

Dare to take responsibility, dare to
struggle, dare to shine

Committed to cultivating Yiheng people with high sense of responsibility, high self-worth and high teamwork.

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We Want You

Senior Marketing
Planning Manager
operation manager
(Tmall , JD)
Store Manager
Offline sales
manager(own brand)

Job description

  • 1. Fully understand and master the rules of new media platforms and e-commerce platforms, and be able to provide insight analysis and feasibility plans for customers;
  • 2. Ability to quickly understand the audience's network behavior patterns, put forward suitable creative strategies for social media and Internet marketing, and integrate the output of marketing schemes;
  • 3. Be responsible for the promotion of products of independent brands and customer brands, and lead and coordinate the team to complete the project landing;
  • 4. Communicate with brands/platforms, establish and maintain customer relationships, and understand and develop potential customer needs;
  • 5. Review the implementation plan and schedule, supervise the whole process of project implementation, and control the cost;

We hope you

  • 1. More than 3 years working experience in Internet advertising marketing, well-known 4A company marketing strategy position holder is preferred;;
  • 2. Those who have participated in large-scale competitive presentation bidding and passed the draft during their tenure are preferred;
  • 3. Be sensitive to Internet advertising data, be able to independently analyze advertising data, summarize advertising problems and formulate solutions;
  • 4. Bachelor degree or above, major in advertising, statistics, computer and marketing is preferred;
  • 5. Familiar with PPT, Excel and other software, good PPT package beautification ability.

Job description

  • 1. Formulate the overall operation plan of Tmall, JD, Pinduoduo and other platforms, and promote implementation and continuous optimization;
  • 2. Develop a marketing plan, manage and improve the operation indicators such as traffic, click-through rate, conversion rate, repeat purchase rate and customer unit price, and continuously optimize them;
  • 3. Build an effective team and carry out effective training to continuously improve the store management ability of the operation specialist;
  • 4.Formulate job responsibilities, result-oriented targets and implement assessment, communication and outcome improvement;
  • 5. Regularly track and analyze the situation of competitors, formulate timely response measures and continuously optimize;
  • 6. Arrange and analyze the operation data, write the operation analysis report in time, and put forward reasonable suggestions.

We hope you

  • 1. Bachelor degree or above, practical, dedicated and entrepreneurial;
  • 2. Be familiar with the rules and operations of Tmall, JD.COM, Pinduoduo, etc., have more than three years of experience in operation management and team management, and be familiar with To B and To C business models;
  • 3. Be familiar with all kinds of marketing tools and diversion resources inside and outside the station, and be familiar with activity planning;
  • 4. Have keen market awareness, adaptability, leadership and communication skills.
  • 5. Cross-border experience is preferred.

Job description

  • 1.Be responsible for the overall operation of the online stores of Taobao, Tmall or the self-operated stores of JD and POP stores, improve the click-through rate, page views and conversion rate of the stores, and complete the target sales;
  • 2. Familiar with all kinds of background operation and all kinds of marketing methods;
  • 3.Track and evaluate the promotion effect on a regular basis, put forward marketing improvement measures in a timely manner, and put forward practical improvement plans.
  • 4.Daily data monitor: marketing data, transaction data, commodity management and customer management;
  • 5.Familiar with the promotion budget formulation and audit advertising data and progress;
  • 6.Familiar with the network, search engine;

We hope you

  • 1. More than 2 years’ experience in online store manager or operation management planning;
  • 2. Familiar with rules, quick and accurate response ability, keen industry analysis ability and strong execution ability;
  • 3. Strong team leadership and organizational planning skills, strong sense of responsibility, active work, patience and good communication skills;
  • 4. There are cases of successful explosions or promotions;
  • 5. proficient in online shop promotion, merchandise promotion, official website activities, baby optimization ranking.

Job description

  • 1. Expand and maintain offline channels according to Company's overall sales strategy;
  • 2. Monitor offline price system, decompose and implement the sales targets, effectively control and manage them;
  • 3.Brand image management; formulate, organize, landing the corresponding promotion strategy and promotion activities, after communicating with sales department;
  • 4. Ensure the achievement of sales targets and be responsible for the target results;
  • 5.Submit and complete various sales data management reports in accordance with the Company's requirements, and ensure that the data are true and accurate;
  • 6. Establish a market information system to monitor, collect, sort out and analyze various market information and provide basis for decision-making.

We hope you

  • 1. Bachelor degree or above;
  • 2. Engaged in channel development under health care, nourishing, functional food or other fast-moving product lines for more than 3 years;
  • 3. Have a clear understanding of the layout of offline channels;
  • 4. Familiar with CS channel or department store channel or offline pharmacy channel experience.

Job description

  • 1. Study in rotation in various departments of the company;
  • 2. Gradually understand the company's internal culture, learn the core product logic, and gradually adapt to the company's work tempo;
  • 3. Summarize the experience of each department's rotation to pave the way for the later work;
  • 4. Assist supervisor to complete the assigned routine work;
  • 5. Settle in a post you interested after passing the examination of department heads and relevant responsible persons of the company.

We hope you

  • 1. Domestic and foreign outstanding unified recruitment bachelor degree or above;
  • 2. Experience in organizational management during school is preferred;
  • 3. Have the spirit of seeking truth and being pragmatic, carefully understand and study the group culture and system, and be result-oriented;
  • 4. Excellent communication skills, good team spirit and the ability to communicate and cooperate with people from different backgrounds.

Talent Training Mechanism

  • 1. Beginner-level training: one-on-one mentoring training, with professional managers gradually familiarizing themselves with basic business processes
  • 2. Advanced training: conduct in-depth and comprehensive training on brand product knowledge, online channel use, sales skills, communication skills, business negotiation, business etiquette and a series of other skills
  • 3. Advanced training: senior leaders give personal knowledge of enterprise management,human resources management, management psychology, etc.

Promotion system

  • 1. Rapid promotion: provide you with a clear promotion standard and a learning mechanism for rapid promotion.
  • 2. Leadership support: the superior's all-out effort and support will remove all obstacles to your work.

Promotion channel

  • Vertical development: management trainees–department heads–department managers–senior management;
  • Horizontal development: sales, marketing, business operations, human resources, financial management, etc.